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Try our beautiful soft and silky Skin named “MICHELE” Five skin tones; Pale, Fair, Tan, DeepTan, Dark. Shape is included and modifiable. Also, included are 10 lipsticks options, 1 Dimple option, 1 Beautymark option and 1 cleavage enhancement option. Lolas appliers, lush appliers, slink mesh hands & feet appliers and Phat Azz appliers are available at the shop. Here is your taxi to the store. Also available on  Market Place.
1 Skin Tone: “Butter” with two breast options, without cleavage and with cleavage, 1 Beautymark option, Lolas tango applier, Lush Appliers and Phat Azz Appliers. COME GET IT RIGHT IN THE FRONT OF THE STORE!

LoveMe Skins has now implemented a new system at the mainstore. Starting today all customers will receive STORE CREDIT when they purchase any of my products. Non-Group members will receive 1% and Group Members will receive 20%. Also available are GIFT CARDS, so you can give a gift to someone special. Now, if you purchased an item (Inworld or in Marketplace) and it was never received, you can now click the redelivery terminal located at the Mainstore. You can find the Terminal at my mainstore entry (right side). Here is your taxi to the store.